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Ninja siege: The Real Story

Tonight’s episode finally uncovers what really happened inside the Pinoy Big Brother house during the height of the conniving ninja siege.


The Ninjas presence in the house proved to be more of a psychological form of intimidation rather than physical since the Ninja’s played with the housemates’ emotions rather than made them do difficult tasls.


It all started when the first ninjas entered the house and eventually revealed themselves as teen star Sandara Parks and former housemate Jason Gainza. At first, the ninja’s aim was to steal the Big 4’s eggs, a feat that the second batch of ninja was able to do successfully. Big Winner in PBB Season Nene disguised as a ninja was able to steal John’s eggs in a matter of 9 seconds and Keanna just stared helplessly while John cried in anguish.


The following day, more ninjas enter the house and even the roof where they threw John’s eggs and the boys were unable to catch the eggs and worst, it suddenly rained. The next day, more ninjas enter the house, this time it’s former housemate Franzen and Tirso Cruz III who issue threatening messages in the form of encrypted pink letters.


ninja siege cola pics.JPGThe letters taunt each member of the Big 4 with messages like “Yung isa dyan masyadong mayabang, dapat mag-ingat” referring to John’s previous threat that he will hit the ninjas when he sees them. Another message was addressed to Keanna, “Yung isa dyan masyadong madakdak” but Keanna was blasé throughout it all even saying in characteristic Keanna barok English, “Bakit ako maba-bothered?’. Zanjo who earlier commented that the pink encrypted messages must have come from a gay ninja, got this message, “ Yun isa dyan, batugan, baka gustong matulog habambuhay.”  Even the Y-speaker of the house was not spared, she got this message, “Lagot ka Pudgy sa bf mo!” but Bianca simply replied, “Eh di isipin nyo ang gusto nyong isipin!” . Zanjo was quick to the rescue with matching dialogue, “Huwang kang mag-alalala, ipagtatangol kita.”


The ninjas then resort to emotional blackmail to create an impact among the Big 4’s psyche. The ninjas insert Zanjo’s ex girlfriend, Nicola as well as make Bianca form a puzzle from a picture of her boyfriend. Even Keanna’s current and ex boyfriend’s pictures were used as bait to make the usually nonchalant Keanna react.


ninja siege dilemma.JPGThe psychological war raged on until the Big 4 decide to go on a defensive by wearing matching black shirts and pink headbands to differentiate themselves from the attacking ninjas. They began to believe that Big Brother was kidnapped and that the ninjas are controlling him. They it so much that when Big Brother’s secretary Jean calls John into the confession room and it turn out to be locked, Zanjo, Keanna and Bianca believe John has been held hostaged.


John in true McGyver fashion gets a stud earring and uses it to pick at the locks. He uses his talent to unlock the door that leads into the storage room but Big Brother warns him that he is not allowed inside that area. John is forced to stay inside the confession room where he is given food and water.


When Big Brother calls Bianca, the Big 4 used that as a perfect opportunity to “rescue” John and the Big 4 deliberately disobey Big Brother by gathering together. Big brother gets angry and starts barking orders that John and Bianca return to the confession room. They refused with John still solid in his belief that it will become another hostage situation.


ninja siege brownout.JPGBig Brother said, “Tinitikis nyo ko, kaya ko rin kayo tinikisin.”  And true enough, the following day, even after 12 noon, Big Brother is noticeably silent. He even uses his tasks through letters. The house becomes dark, electricity is cut off, gasoline is out, water supply is cut and the airconditioning becomes so cold that the Big 4 begin to feel Big Brother’s anger.


The ninjas do not cease and desist. They entered the house and attempted to steal the eggs but was unsuccessful. Nene the ninja was successful in getting the food that they ignored since they believe that it is poisoned.


Finally, Big Brother revealed that he allowed the Ninjas to enter to teach them a lesson in toughening their psyche. He also lamented that the Big 4 failed him and disappointed him by showing their lack of trust towards him in the three day ninja siege.


ninja siege lamig.JPGThe Big 4 hurdle hunger, cold, and intimidation but was able to prove that they can handle it but they sadly showed how paranoid they can become to the point that they wove their own kidnap Big Bro theory.


Now that you have seen John, Keanna, Bianca and Zanjo reveal their true characters, make sure to vote wisely as tomorrow's Big Night reveals our Big Winner 9 pm after XXX! Vote now!

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