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Big 4 prepares for Big Night!

Excitement rules the house as the Big 4 prepare for Big Night! Bianca and Keanna are so excited they cannot even sit down for their dinner and just grabbed a bite from Big Brother's burger.

Keanna is looking very elegant tonight, a far cry from the escort girl we all met in early February. The Kilabot ng Senado is wearing a red gown embroidered with black butterflies studded with semi-precious stones. Bianca is wearing a gown in deep violet that matches her morena complexion. Leading stylist Juan Sarte has done the girls' hair and make-up.

Zanjo and John looked very dapper in their formal suits. John looks like he is going to his first communion and Bianca comments that he looks like a young Aga Muhlach. John is wearing a rosary for good luck while Zanjo went with Bianca in the altar room to pray for good luck. This might be the loveteam's last moment together.

As usual, Big Brother called the Big 4 for their last confession. He asked them how they are feeling and how much they want to win. See the exact details in tonight's live show.

The Big 4 are asked to wear their blindfolds and lapel mics and are even given Ipod shuffles so they can listen to it while travelling to Liwasang Bonifacio.

The Big 4 got the opportunity to pose for their last picture in the house in their formal wear and there is not a hint of nervousness in the picture. It seems the Big 4 are already for the Big Night and everyone is looking like a winner. Watch for the Big 4’s historical exit in the PBB house live in tonight’s show.

You can still vote for your bets! Vote among Keanna, John, Bianca or Zanjo and decide who will be tonight's Big Winner in the Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition Live at Liwasang Bonifacio, near the Post Office in Manila!

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