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Big Winner Keanna wants to be a comedienne

After emerging as the Celebrity Big Winner, Keanna no longer wants to be a sexy starlet. She now yearns to focus her career in doing what she's best at: cracking jokes and delivering hilarious lines.


In a press conference held this afternoon, Keanna disclosed that she's not interested to appear in bold films or accept dramatic roles; all she wants is to make people laugh. "Komportable kasi akong magpatawa. Kasi kung magdrama ako tapos mali-mali yung dialogue ko, paano kayo iiyak? Like yung "KFC" drama na yun pero naging comedy yung dating."


Keanna got surprised when she found out that people enjoyed watching her because of her jokes and the "quotable quotes" that she uttered while inside Kuya's house. "Hindi ko naman sinasadya na magpatawa. Di ko alam na may mga nasasabi ako naging katawa-tawa ang mga tao"


"Too good to be true"


As for her emergence as the Celebrity Big Winner, Keanna is still overwhelmed with it. She described her triumphant exit from Kuya house as "too good to  be true."


The Kilabot ng Senado also said that she will never waste the opportunity given by the people when they chose her to become the Big Winner. "Matagal ko na rin inintay to at sobra akong nagpapasalamat sa mga tao. Yung binigay na pagkakataon ni Lord sa akin hindi ko sasayangin. Alam ko na hindi naman ito para sa akin, para sa mga anak ko 'to," Keanna explained to the press.


Keanna is also very proud of herself since she was able to help Gabriela, the NGO that assisted her when she exposed to the Senate the alleged involvement of some politicians in the escort service scandal two years ago. Gabriela, a group advocating for women's right, received one million pesos from Rebisco as Keanna’s beneficiary.


She hopes that what happen to her would serve as an inspiration to women, who are already losing hope in facing the difficult challenges in their lives. "Ang gusto ko lang naman ay  maging inspirasyon sa mga kababaihan. Sana hindi sila mawalan ng pag-asa at nandiyan ang Diyos para tulungan sila tulad ng nangyari sa akin"


“It's over"


As for her love life, Keanna stressed that is single right now. The celebrity Big Winner said that her relationship with Dennis Luna, her ex-boyfriend, is already a thing of the past. Keanna recounted that she broke up with Dennis two days before she joined PBBCE. "It's over," she said when the press asked if she's still interested to rekindle her love affair with her ex-bf.


Keanna is not yet ready to have another man in her life. She just wants to concentrate on her career so that she can provide a better future for her two sons, IJ and Troy.


Asked if she already encashed the "giant check" given to her last Saturday, Keanna said, "Hindi pa, ang ginawa ko may butas kasi doon sa bahay ko, kaya ipinatakip ko na lang doon."


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