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Preparations for tom’s PBB Teen Edition Kick off Party

Stage crew and production personnel are thick in the prepations and are busy putting the finishing touches to the stage that will be used for tomorrow’s PBB Teen Edition kick off launch.


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12 teens brace for a unique summer vacation in Kuya’s house

With no beach getaways, late night gimmicks and cell phones to use for texting their kabarkadas, it will surely be a one-of-a-kind summer vacation for the 12 teenagers who have been picked to become the housemates of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition.

Keanna wants to be Rustom's GF

Despite Rustom’s admittance that he’s gay, his best friend Keanna is not giving up on making him fall for her. The Celebrity Big Winner confessed that she yearns to become Rustom’s special someone.

John doesn’t want to be a housemate again

Second big placer John Prats, who survived for 56 days living the extraordinary lifestyle in Big Brother’s house, doesn’t have plans of becoming a housemate in the upcoming seasons of Pinoy Big Brother.

Zanjoe says sorry to Bianca’s BF

Gusto ko sana mag-sorry sa kung sino man yung mga nasaktan sa mga nangyari, wala naman talaga akong intensyon na gawin yun.” Fourth celebrity big placer Zanjoe Marudo said as he apologized to Bianca’s boyfriend, Director Lino Cayetano, during the Big4’s press conference held yesterday in ABS-CBN.

Big Winner Keanna wants to be a comedienne
After emerging as the Celebrity Big Winner, Keanna no longer wants to be a sexy starlet. She now yearns to focus her career in doing what she's best at: cracking jokes and delivering hilarious lines. more
Keanna Reeves is the Celebrity Big Winner
From being known as the queen of the escort service scandal, Keanna Reeves now holds the title as the 1st ever Celebrity Big Winner of Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition! The Kilabot ng Senado bested the other 13 celebrity housemates to bag four million pesos worth of cash and prizes!
Big 4 prepares for Big Night!

Excitement rules the house as the Big 4 prepare for Big Night! Bianca and Keanna are so excited they cannot even sit down for their dinner and just grabbed a bite from Big Brother's burger.

Tonight is the PBB Celebrity Big Night!
After all the laughter, tears, cheers, challenges and hard work the Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition Big Night is here! more
Ninja siege: inside story to what really happened

Tonight’s episode finally uncovers what really happened inside the Pinoy Big Brother house during the height of the conniving ninja siege.


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