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ROXANNE BARCELO, Ang Divang Kolehiyala


INTRIGUES met Roxanne Barcelo, 21, as soon as she entered showbiz seven years ago.


“Sino yang payatot na negrang yan?” asked a member of the cast of a new show that Direk Mac Alejandre had asked Roxanne to join.


“Everybody was questioning why I was in the show,” recalled Roxanne. “The rest of the cast members had to audition for the show.”


For the three years the show had lasted, Roxanne felt she was an outcast.


“All the other girls would gang up on me,” she said. “They called me names like maarte, landi or chismosa. I don’t understand why. I dress simply, I don’t even talk to any of them, and I just sit on one corner surrounded by luggage.”


It may be her State side upbringing that has made Roxanne different from the local girls. Born and raised in Virginia, USA, Roxanne lived in the US for 12 years with her family. She returned to the Philippines when her parents decided that they wanted their children to have Filipino values.


At 13, Roxanne enrolled at the Center for Pop Music where she met Toni Gonzaga. She joined the Metropop Star Search in 1998 where she won for her performance of “Wonderful World,” from Disney’s “Little Mermaid.”


She went to the School of the Holy Spirit where she made friends with Danica Sotto.


“I fitted in right away,” she said, referring to high school.


She was even allowed to study and remain in showbiz by the school because she had decent grades. She only had to keep a wholesome image that would not harm the school.


Roxanne is now on her 5th year in college at Miriam, majoring in Communication Arts.

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