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KEANNA REEVES, Kilabot ng Senado


Controversial sexy starlet Keanna Reeves lost face when she had to tell the Senate Committee, which investigated her allegations of an escort girl syndicate servicing elected government officials, her real age. She was then 34, but was passing herself of as twenty something.


“I swore by the bible to tell the truth and nothing but,” said Keanna, now 36. “Ano naman ang credibility ko kung magsisinungaling pa ako sa aking age?”


The confessed escort girl reasoned: “I would not be able to get clients if they found out I was already in my 30s.”


She has since become the face of prostituted women in the Philippines. The militant group Gabriela has taken her under its wings. Keanna became popular that she couldn’t go to malls without being hounded by people who wanted her autograph. Most of these autograph seekers were school girls, she said.


“They said they admired my courage. Finally, nagkaroon ako ng mga fans. Dati, wala lang. Kayod lang. Gustung-gusto ko mag-artista para makaahon sa kahirapan,” said this mother of two.


But her notoriety did not get her anywhere near stardom. After making a mediocre comedy movie “Shut Up…Imemorize Mo Yan” with bold starlet Hanni Miller and Paquito Diaz, Keanna faded away from the scene.


Rumors said she went back to being a ledge dancer in bars that serve as fronts for prostitution.


“Hindi totoo yan,” Keanna insisted. “Maski wala na akong pera, hindi na ako bumalik sa pagka-escort girl. Nag-live in kami ng boyfriend ko. Naghihintay ng mga projects.”

She has changed for the better, she claimed, shifting from a sexy image to a stand up comic.


Keanna has also changed managers and is now being represented by Boy Abunda.


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